Twitch streaming on Xbox One “a few more months” away, says Twitch

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Live-streaming your game sessions to friends and fans was definitely one of the more promising features of the new generation of consoles, and despite a few hiccups along the way Sony has delivered on its promise to allow PlayStation 4 owners to use the Twitch streaming service to show your viewers what you’re up to.

Xbox One owners, on the other hand, are still waiting on this functionality to be introduced months after the feature was touted at Microsoft’s E3 press conference in June 2013. According to Twitch itself, there’s still some time to go before the service is available on Xbox One – writing on Twitter, Twitch said:

This news would be alarming to Xbox One owners keen to start streaming their game sessions online not only because it sounds like a neat feature with great potential, but also because Sony and the PlayStation 4 have already gained incredible ground on Twitch with a recent announcement revealing that twenty percent of Twitch broadcasters were using a PS4 to stream content.

Microsoft has a lot of catching up to do on Twitch, and with news low on the ground and updates months away, Sony might just run away with the lead. Microsoft certainly understands the importance of the service, writing to Polygon:

“We understand that the broadcasting component of Twitch is very important, and it is a major focus on our roadmap as we work to ensure it is seamlessly implemented into our Xbox One experience over the coming months.”

Are you at all interested in streaming your gameplay sessions to friends (and potential fans) on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One? What kinds of games would you showcase?

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