Please Understand: The status of Pokemon Bank and Poke Transporter still unknown

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The rumoured January 7th release window has come and gone, but Pokemon players on 3DS in Japan, North America and Europe are still not able to download the promised Pokemon Bank and Poke Transporter software – the pair of apps were due for release in late 2013 until “a large volume of traffic to the Nintendo Network service” forced Nintendo to push back plans for the roll-out.

While Nintendo of America and Nintendo of Europe are yet to update Pokemon fans on the status of Pokemon Bank’s release, Nintendo Japan offered an explanation of the work that’s currently going into launching the service, writing on Twitter:

If you can’t read the text above, then a few Pokemon enthusiasts were kind enough to translate it – the text reads:

“We are still verifying the capable load for the continuous (as in ever-lasting) Pokemon Bank system. We will be distributing [pokemon bank] after sufficient testing has been performed. (very apologetic) We sincerely apologize to everyone for the wait. We ask that you please continue to bear with us.”

Eager fans have desperately been searching for answers as to when Pokemon Bank will become available, posting on forums and appealing to Nintendo for more news, but according to the update above (posted January 7th) there’s still a lot of work to be done before the application is available on the eShop in Japan, before making its way to North America and Europe.

Have you been waiting for the release of the Pokemon Bank so you can store and transfer your collected Pokemon between games?

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