Report: China’s ban on the sale of game consoles has temporarily been lifted

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According to a report on Reuters, and taken from a statement released by China’s State Council, a 14-year-old ban on the sale of foreign game consoles has been temporarily lifted in China.

“[Foreign]-invested enterprises,” the statement read, are now able to be manufactured within Shanghai’s free trade zone and then sold in China, but not before the consoles receive an official government approval.

This temporary lift on the ban of console sales in China follows reports in early 2013 suggesting that such an action would be taken.

Should consoles go on sale in China, manufacturers including Nintendo, Sony and Microsoft stand to benefit from entering an enormous market that has in recent years been untapped, and may just prove to be a new shot in the arm that the videogame industry needs following the launch of a new generation of consoles.

How do you think console sales in China would help, hurt or otherwise affect the game industry?

Source: Reuters

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