Microsoft confirms next Halo for 2014. Again.

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Halo Xbox One Screenshot 4

We’ve had no shortage of assurances that the next entry to the sprawling Halo series would be with us in 2014, but Microsoft has continued to ensure that the gaming public is aware that the team at 343 Industries is hard at work bringing this promise to life.

In late 2013 we were privy to an exciting montage video showcasing some of Xbox One’s best and brightest games due for release on the console in the next year, while Microsoft’s Phil Spencer went to great lengths to let Xbox fans know that the line-up for the company’s latest home console is filled with quality entertainment – the next Halo included.

It was at E3 2013, however, that Microsoft first lifted the lid on the next Halo with a brief video and a promise of a 2014 release date – something that many have come to forget.

More recently, however, senior PR manager for both Halo and Forza, Rob Semsey, once again assured Halo fans that the next game in the franchise would “will begin in 2014,” following the release of an official list of Xbox One games that didn’t include 343’s game. Writing on Twitter, Semsey said:

Will this be the last time that Microsoft deems it important to remind us that Halo on Xbox One is assured in 2014? Will we hear more about the game later this year at E3 2014? You can bet on it.

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