H33rsay: The next Pokemon games are called ‘Plus’ and ‘Minus,’ systems to be overhauled

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Now this is a H33rsay of the extreme variety where there is absolutely no basis of truth in the claim save for the assurances of an anonymous source of the on-again-off-again variety.

Speaking to Dual Pixels, the source (known as ‘Geno’) claimed that s/he had some information relating to the next entry in the Pokemon series on the back of the release of the hugely popular Pokemon X and Pokemon Y in 2013.

The biggest piece of news from Geno is that the next set of Pokemon games will be called ‘Pokemon Plus’ and ‘Pokemon Minus,’ planned for a release on Wii U, while developer GameFreak apparently plans to overhaul and simplify Pokemon’s battle systems. The source goes on to claim that GameFreak aims to include many of the studio’s long-standing ideas for the franchise into this new pair of Pokemon games, with a focus on the theme of ‘Old Tradition Versus New Exploration.’

You can read over the rest of what ‘Geno’ claims to be true of the next Pokemon games in the series over here, with information on where the games will be set, details on the three new starters, a new legendary creature, a new type of Pokemon and much more that franchise fans will want to know about. Be sure to take it all with a good pinch of salt, though.

What do you think the chances are of this rumour being true? Would this be a spin-off game if it releases on Wii U or a new entry to the main series branching off from 3DS?

H33rsay is El33tonline’s round-up of game industry rumours and speculation where we have looks at unconfirmed and unannounced pieces of news emerging from anonymous tipsters, information leaks and generally dubious sources. It may not all be true, but it’s still fun to talk about!

Source: Dual Pixels

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