Evolve announced for PS4, Xbox One and PC by Left 4 Dead developer, Turtle Rock

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Best known for its work on Counter-Strike and Left 4 Dead in collaboration with Valve, Turtle Rock Studios has today formally taken the wraps off of the developer’s next game, Evolve, thanks to the reveal of the next Game Informer cover.


In the same vein as Left 4 Dead, Evolve is an assymetrical multiplayer shooter that matches the skills of four player-controlled alien hunters against an opposing player-controlled monster that is said to grow larger and more powerful as matches progress.

Sound familiar? Outrise was also announced today – read about Adhesive Games’ first title over here.

“Each hunter features its own unique items and abilities,” writes Game Informer, “and while the monster may be outnumbered, its size and an assortment of devastating attacks make it a more than formidable foe.” Turtle Rock is said to be focussed on ensuring that Evolve is ultimately replayable with lots of variety mixed in to keep things fresh, and Game Informer’s time with the four-versus-one hunt mode left the team “with plenty to be excited about.”

The rights to Evolve, you’ll remember, were bought by 2K Games in 2013 for $10.8 million following the collapse of THQ, so we’re sure 2K is also very excited about the project.

You can find out about Evolve in the February edition of Game Informer, which looks a little something like this:


Source: Game Informer

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