Report: Hacker groups claiming responsibility for PSN, Steam and Origin downtime [Update]

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It looks as thought DERP is targeting more online services today with denial of service attacks on Blizzard’s, as well as League of Legends servers. Let us know if you’re able (or unable) to connect to these services.

[End of Update]

Online services including PlayStation Network, Steam and EA’s Origin are seemingly under threat this week as several hacking groups have claimed responsibility for the downtime and intermittent availability of each service.


The PlayStation Network has been the longest affected service with some users experiencing intermittent downtime since December after hacker group DERP (…) apparently originally targeted Planetside 2 servers with denial of service attacks, but wound up affecting PSN and DC Universe Online, too.

Of course the credibility of the claim is immediately undercut when a group known as ‘DERP’ associates their name with the long-running issues users have had with PSN, but it does go some way to explaining the problems (other than the launch of the PlayStation 4, naturally).

Currently, it seems as thought PSN is behaving itself but some users around the world may still be experiencing issues – can you get onto PSN at the moment?


Yet another hacker collective has claimed responsibility for denial of service attacks aimed at Steam, which have seemed to cripple Valve’s digital distribution service – as of right now, Steam is only intermittently available.

Are you able to load up Steam? For me it seems to sway between online and off.


Reportedly, DERP seems to have struck again after targeting EA’s Origin service with more denial of service attacks. According to the official EA support Twitter account, EA was aware of the problem and worked to resolve it.

Currently, I’m able to get onto the Origin web store but multiplayer servers and related services may still be affected – are you able to log in with your Origin IDs today?

Of the three major services, it seems as though Steam has been the hardest hit – what do you make of hacker activity and denial of service attacks, and why do you think there are individuals in the world that enjoy ruining other people’s fun?

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