Titanfall isn’t your “run of the mill modern military shooter,” says Respawn

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Where do you fall on the great ‘quick scoping’ and ‘no scoping’ debate?

They’re both techniques used by high level (and some might argue, decidedly low level) first-person shooter players online that more often than not involve the use of a sniper rifle, while taking advantage of a particular game’s auto aiming strength to zero in on a target in a split-second and then unleash a single bullet for a one-hit kill… usually. That’s quick scoping, while no scoping sees players firing rounds while not even aiming down the scope of the rifle at all.

How will Titanfall handle these contentious techniques?

Titanfall Screenshot 1

According to Respawn developer ‘scriptacus’ posting on the official Titanfall forums, sniping will definitely be in the game but due to the nature of Respawn’s title, gameplay will of course be different to other online shooters, like Call of Duty or Battlefield:

“Sniping is in the game,” scriptacus wrote, “but due to how the game plays it’s a pretty different animal than you’ll find in your run of the mill modern military shooter. Quick scoping and no scoping are ineffective.”

Is this a big deal at all, or are you a keen student of the art of The Scope?

A new Titanfall trailer, meanwhile, made its way out into the world recently to this time showcase another mech included in the game – the trusty Atlas. Enjoy below:

Titanfall is out on Xbox One, PC and Xbox 360 on March 11th in North America, March 13th in Europe and March 14th in the UK.

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