New Ace Attorney game in the works confirms Dual Destinies director

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If you’re a fan of Capcom’s wonderfully wacky Ace Attorney games then you’ll be pleased to know that work has already begun on a new entry in this unique adventure series for handheld devices.

Speaking in a group interview conducted by 4Gamer, Ace Attorney – Dual Destinies director Takeshi Yamazaki said that his team are working “full force” on the next title in the series and are “currently thinking about all kinds of interesting ideas”.

Meanwhile, series creator and Professor Layton vs. Ace Attorney designer Shu Takumi said that he’s been kept busy working on a new project which may or may not be related to the franchise:

“This year, I’ve poured all my energy into the preparation, writing, and production of a brand new project.

“Even today, it’s an ongoing process and I’m almost at the limits of my mental capacity. This time of year, I keep to myself, and I don’t get to see much of the outside world, but honestly, I can’t say I’ve seen much else aside from work for the most part…

“Anyway, next year [the game] will be taking the shape of a title, and we’ll be announcing it, so when the time comes, thank you for your support!”

Are you looking forward to seeing what the Ace Attorney team comes up with next? Let us know in the comments.

Source: Siliconera

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