The next Mass Effect is “Ambitious,” “Beautiful,” “fun” and already playable

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We already know that the next Mass Effect game is currently in furious development over at BioWare Montreal, and we also know that we’ve been warned on a couple of occasions that fans shouldn’t call it ‘Mass Effect 4′ – it won’t feature the extended adventures of Commander Shepard and will take place during its own timeline in the Mass Effect universe.

More recently, however, and thanks to a tweet by BioWare Montreal and Edmonton general manager Aaryn Flynn, we’ve also found out that the game is currently in a playable state with a few (meaningless) descriptors applied to it – here’s the tweet:

Based on the tweet, when do you think we’ll be seeing more of the next Mass Effect? Will it only be officially announced at E3 in 2014 with a launch in 2015, or is there a chance we’ll see the game release sooner than that?

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