Clementine draws strength from the past to fight the future in full Walking Dead: Season 2 trailer

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Is Telltale Games attempting to build Clementine up as the next great videogame character to rival the presence in our minds that iconic personalities like Nathan Drake, Master Chief and Link occupy?


By portraying the now chief protagonist of Telltale’s Walking Dead series as a new and vulnerable hero that we can easily empathise with while watching her grow in character and stature from season to season, unwittingly or not the studio is on a path to creating a virtual being that players will relentlessly root for now and in the future which may just end up being the series’ greatest accomplishment.

There won’t be long to wait to jump back into the adventure with the first episode of The Walking Dead: Season 2, ‘All That Remains,’ to see if my blathering has any merit to it, but while we do wait be sure to get a taste of the action to come with the fresh and full trailer for the game below:

The Walking Dead: Season 2 – ‘All That Remains’ Full Trailer

The Walking Dead: Season 2 begins with episode one of the new five-part series, All That remains, on December 17th on PC and then on December 18th on Xbox 360 – will you be continuing or just starting the journey?

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