CryEngine powered F2P mobile game The Collectables teased with explosive trailer

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It’s always exciting to see mobile technology pushed one step further and Crytek’s upcoming free-to-play action strategy title The Collectables appears to do just that. Powered by Crytek’s in-house CryEngine, the game is being co-developed by the experienced mobile studio DeNA and will be released for iPhone, iPad and Android devices early next year.

The Collectables tasks you with commanding a squad of elite soldiers and leading them into various explosive combat scenarios with strategic precision. According to the game’s official website, “players must master the unique skills of their military units as they wage war in stunning 3D environments and aim to blow the enemy sky high.”

“DeNA offers unparalleled experience in the mobile gaming space, and we’re excited to be collaborating with their team to deliver The Collectables to players,” said Crytek executive Paha Schulz. “The Collectables will be the first free-to-play mobile game that leverages Crytek’s cutting-edge 3D game technology CryEngine.”

Here’s the debut trailer for The Collectables showcasing the game’s incredible visuals:

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