H33rsay: Xbox One launch delayed to late 2014 in Nordic markets, other countries might be affected

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As announced earlier today, Microsoft has enjoyed a semblance of sales success with the Xbox One after launching on November 22nd in thirteen markets around the world, having sold two million units in eighteen days. Thirteen markets falls far short of the number of game playing countries on the globe, though, and the console’s launch was pushed back into 2014 in many more markets than it actually launched, but it was widely believed (and hoped) that these territories would see the Xbox One on retail shelves in early 2014.

According to unknown (but previously proven) sources, Gamereactor is reporting that Xbox One won’t launch in these delayed territories until the third quarter of 2014, or after July next year, which is in line with the expected release date, June 27th, outed by South African retailer Kalahari.

Countries including Denmark, Finland, Norway and Sweden are mentioned in Gamereactor’s report, while other territories including Japan, South Africa, Russia, Belgium, Holland and Switzerland are yet to see Xbox One launch in their markets.

We have of course not received any official word on when Xbox One will become locally available in markets outside of the thirteen that have already received it, so we’ll be keeping an eye out for when the dates are formally announced.

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Source: Gamereactor

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