PS4 has outsold Xbox One by 66% in North America, says Pachter, but Microsoft is outpacing Sony

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Keeping in mind that the PlayStation 4 launched across North America on November 15th, and the Xbox One released in the same region on November 22nd…


Ahead of the upcoming sales report by The NPD Group for the month of November, videogame industry analyst Michael ‘The Pac-Man’ Pachter has estimated that, in North America, the PlayStation 4 has so far sold at least 1.25 million units while the Xbox One has sold 750 000 units in the region, putting Sony’s console 66 percent ahead of Microsoft’s machine.

Taking into account the seven day disparity between the respective consoles’ launch dates this difference in sales is understandable, but if we take it as given that the period over which Pachter is providing his analysis ends on November 30th, the PS4 has sold an average of 78 125 units a day since launch on November 15th, while the Xbox One has sold an average of 83 333 units per day since launch on November 22nd.

(Note: This is highly dependant on the reporting period end date and the accuracy of Pachter’s estimates, and doesn’t take sales falloff into account.)

Energy Cannot Be Created Or Destroyed

Pachter went on to estimate that the launch of the new generation of consoles has had a drastic effect on the sales of previous generation consoles, with Wii U, Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 sales dropping by 65 percent, 44 percent and 28 percent respectively in North America this past month of November.

MCV notes that the 66 percent differential can be compared to sales of PS4 and Xbox One in the UK, where Sony’s console sold 250 000 units in 48 hours while Microsoft’s console sold 150 000 units during the same period.

What do you make of Pachter’s analysis? When the NPD report is released do you think the PS4 will have outsold Xbox One by significant amount?

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