Miiverse now available on 3DS, shared eShop balance also included in latest system update

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Nintendo has released a new system update for the 3DS that brings Miiverse functionality to the handheld and also allows users to link their Nintendo Network ID with the system so that their eShop balance and purchase history can be shared between Wii U and 3DS. For those interested, the new 3DS firmware updates the system to version 7.0.0-13E.

A Nintendo Network ID is required to use Miiverse on 3DS so once you’ve created a new one or linked your existing Wii U account to the system you can browse the various Miiverse communities, submit posts, or read the latest announcements. A nice touch is that you can include 3D screenshots with your posts, and choose whether to include a screenshot of the top or bottom screen of whichever 3DS game you’re posting about. Unfortunately the drawing tools of Miiverse are still very limited so you can’t use different colours or a spray paint effect, for example.

Have you tried out Miiverse on 3DS yet? If so, what are your impressions of it thus far?

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