Latest FIFA 14 patch is live on Xbox One following PS4 stability update

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After releasing a patch addressing stability concerns on the PlayStation 4 while ensuring the attributes and statistics of Virtual Pro players are able to be carried over from the PlayStation 3 version of FIFA 14 to the new gen edition, EA and EA Sports have sent out a similar patch for FIFA 14 on Xbox One.

Here’s the official description of the latest title update for the console:

“The purpose of this update is to address a few key stability issues. In addition to stability, this update will ensure Virtual Pro attributes and stats accurately carry over from current-gen consoles to next-gen consoles. For early adopters who have already upgraded from [Xbox 360] to [Xbox One] and have issues with their Virtual Pro carrying over, there are server updates ongoing to address this.”

EA Sports remains committed to improving FIFA 14, the team wrote on the forums, and “regular feedback from our fans helps us prioritize and identify future improvements,” so keep sending in your bug reports and feedback via the official channels.

What issues have you been running into in FIFA 14 since launch?

Source: EA Sports on Twitter

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