VGX 2013 Round-up: Catch all the trailers, announcements and news right here

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Hosted by game industry personality Geoff Keighley and actor Joel McHale, Spike TV’s VGX 2013 videogame event included a boatload of new and exciting game announcements, fresh details for known games and all-new footage for some of 2014’s most anticipated titles.


Much was made of the format and name switch-up compared to the show’s incarnations as the VGAs over the last ten years, and while there are certainly a number of kinks to be worked out the event played out smoothly overall. Other than a few waja moments of monologuing by McHale, awkward interactions with guests like Nintendo’s Reggie Fils-Aime, and cuts out to a collection of musicians who have no business hosting anything of any magnitude, it was a… pleasant experience.

The winners of the VGX 2013 awards were also announced, with Grand Theft Auto V taking ‘Game of the Year,’ while Bioshock Infinite, The Last of Us, Gone Home and more were also recognised.

Cutting to the Quick… Round-up

To save you a bit of time in combing through the announcements and new trailers from VGX 2013, we’ve collected them all together for you to see below.

The first item in the list wasn’t placed there by accident, either – if you only watch one trailer from VGX 2013, don’t miss your first look at Hello Games’ upcoming and highly ambitious first-person game, No Man’s Sky.


– Hello Games announces No Man’s Sky, jaw-dropping trailer released (Read More)

– New titan class revealed for Titanfall, robot arm ripped off in trailer (Read More)

– Another new titan revealed for Titanfall – watch it evade rockets in new trailer (Read More)

– Gruesome Dying Light gameplay demonstration reveals new details (Read More)

– Geralt faces old foes in a new and dangerous world in latest Witcher 3 story trailer (Read More)


– Heart-pounding Thief story trailer reveals Garrett’s motivations and ghastly challenges (Read More)

– Incredible The Division engine trailer features a look at ‘true next-gen’ gaming (Read More)

– Telltale Games announces The Game of Thrones adventure game (Read More)

Elijah Wood and Wil Wheaton join the cast of Double Fine’s Broken Age (Read More)

Broken Age Banner Logo

– Brand new Destiny gameplay video showcases epic encounters (Read More)

Quantum Break gets debut gameplay trailer, Remedy reveals strategy iOS game (Read More)

– Telltale Games announces ‘Tales From The Borderlands’ adventure game (Read More)

– Confirmed: Tomb Raider: Definitive Edition gets January 2014 date for Xbox One, PS4 (Read More)


Which was your favourite announcement and reveal of the event?

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