VGX 2013: Gruesome Dying Light gameplay demonstration reveals new details

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Dying Light made waves in 2013 thanks to Techland’s all-new vision for a world filled with zombies, but the game’s day/night cycle ensures that we’ll be keeping an eye on the time while running around an open-world collecting supplies, crafting weapons, going on missions for survivors and using parkour antics to run up walls to get out of the reach of the shambling dead.

Once night falls, beware: That’s when more gruesome, powerful enemies emerge making your life that much more difficult.

Watch a new gameplay demonstration for Dying Light below, running at 1080p on PlayStation 4, to see never-before-seen footage from this exciting 2014 action game:

Dying Light – VGX 2013 Live Demonstration

Dying Light – ‘Livestream’ Gameplay Reactions

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