Sorry everybody, the Fallout teaser site is fake after all, Bethesda says ‘I told you so’

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As you might have already guessed, the long-running teaser site supposedly counting down to a reveal related to Fallout has outed itself and let it be known (ahead of schedule) that it is indeed a fake.

This announcement follows weeks of peculiar messages that Fallout fans have voraciously been decoding, all of which referenced the Fallout universe in one way or another. Tellingly, Bethesda Softworks strictly did not confirm or deny the existence of the next game in the Fallout series as the teaser site ticked down. When the teaser site revealed itself as fake, Bethesda posted on Twitter:

For everyone who visited the site excitedly anticipating the reveal of Fallout 4, the page’s author (said to be a bored member of the Fallout community), the following video was posted:

Sad Violin

Do you still believe that Bethesda is working on Fallout 4? Or is the studio crafting a new intellectual property, or even perhaps another Elder Scrolls game?

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