The world of Fables explored in The Wolf Among Us developer video, Episode One out now on iOS

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Every opportunity I get I’ll espouse the greatness of The Wolf Among Us: Episode One. I included the game – the first part of five episodes – in my own personal list of top five games of 2013, and you can read over just some of the reasons I enjoyed it so much in El33tonline’s review of the game – if you’ve played it, you’ll know what I’m on about.

Now that The Wolf Among Us is out on iOS devices, Telltale Games has released an informative behind-the-scenes developer interview video exploring the world of the game’s source material, the Fables comic book series, while talking about the focus they have placed on ensuring players can feel the power simmering just beneath the skin of protagonist Bigby.

Have you played The Wolf Among Us yet? You really should:

The Wolf Among Us – Exploring the World of Fables

Unfortunately no release date for Episode Two of the series, but we hope to hear news on that soon.

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