Microsoft releases partial list of ID@Xbox developers – is Crytek the odd one out?

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In order to foster the development of games for Xbox One in the independent segment of the industry, Microsoft formed the ID@Xbox publishing programme, an initiative through which Microsoft will provide support to those developers who wish to pursue a self-published future by making development kits and Unity development licenses available.

Additionally, Microsoft will continue to hold special events in major cities around the world to talk directly to developers interested in Xbox One development, and in the future the Xbox One console itself will have the ability to be officially unlocked to act as a development kit.

Today, Microsoft’s Chris Charla published a partial list of developers included in the ID@Xbox programme, which runs the gamut of well-known indies such as Double Fine, Capy, Slightly Mad Studio, Team 17 and Zen Studios, to Japanese developers including Comcept and Inis.

Also included in the list is Crytek, a worldwide multi-studio developer with blockbusters like Crysis 3, the Xbox One-exclusive Ryse and the recently launched free-to-play online shooter, Warface, under its collective belt, along with an engine licensing programme of its own in CryEngine 3. Charla notes that Crytek wishes to “pursue self-publishing.”

Are these resources that could instead go to a smaller independent studio? Or does Crytek legitimately need the help from Microsoft following publishing deals with EA on the Crysis series?

Here’s the list of developers currently known to be included in the ID@Xbox publishing programme, which Chris Charla describes as “far from comprehensive” with more names to be announced:

– Behaviour Interactive
– Bongfish
– Born Ready
– Capy
– Comcept
– Crytek
– Definition 6
– Double Fine
– Drinkbox
– Gaijin Games
– Happion Labs
– Hidden Path Entertainment
– High Voltage Software
– Inis
– Iron Galaxy
– The Men Who Wear Many Hats
– Nicalis
– Ninja Bee
– The Odd Gentlemen
– Other Ocean
– Panic Button
– Slightly Mad Studio
– Team 17
– Team Colorblind
– Vlambeer
– Way Forward
– Zeboyd Games
– Zen Studios

Which games from the the above developers are you most excited to play on Xbox One in the coming months and years?

Source: Xbox Newswire

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