H33rsay: Microsoft’s ‘Threshold’ technology to unify Xbox One and Windows services

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With three distinct technologies under Microsoft’s current portfolio of software and devices, all of which share a common base and all of which perform similar tasks on different platforms, how does the company hope to further unite its Xbox One, Windows 8 and Windows Phone 8 products and let them share even more common elements to create a true technological ecosystem?

Something called ‘Threshold’ may be the answer.


As reported on ZDNet, the name ‘Threshold’ (as far as Microsoft’s history is concerned) finds its roots in the first Halo – it’s the planet next-to which the fourth ring world, or ‘Halo,’ was built by the series’ Forerunner race (this Halo was designated the name ‘Installation 04,’ in case you wanted to know).

The naming convention follows that of ‘Cortana,’ a character we’ll all recognise from Halo, too, and the name for Microsoft’s voice-controlled personal assistant on Windows Phone.

But what could the rumoured ‘Threshold’ technology actually accomplish?

The ZDNet article describes Threshold as a wave of software updates for Xbox One, Windows 8 and Windows Phone 8, with the aim to support ‘high value activities,’ a suite of tools that in itself will aim to make work, collaboration and expression of creativity much more inviting and effortless processes.

What exactly is the benefit to uniting Xbox One, Windows 8 and Windows Phone 8? Other than sharing the above-mentioned tools across platforms and making it easier to share content with one another, the full potential of something like Threshold isn’t entirely clear, which is understandable seeing as though it hasn’t officially been announced.

Can you think of some good reasons that Microsoft might want to its portfolio of tech products over and above improving efficiency in workflow and expressions of creativity?

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