El33t’s Question of the Day: Would Nintendo do better as a software only company?

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It’s no secret that Nintendo’s hardware business isn’t doing too hot… well, the Wii U, in any case. The 3DS is doing big business around the world on the back of a fantastic slate of games, but even as the Wii U’s software offerings improve the console’s sales remain volatile.

It’s also no secret (kind of) that Nintendo is incredibly cash rich and could survive a string of outright market failures with subsequent consoles and still keep its head above water, but investors of course want a company to thrive, not merely survive.

There has been a call from analysts (and even Nintendo investors) for the company to drop its hardware business, similar to SEGA, and focus solely on doing what it does best: Make terrific games, except for consoles other than its own like, say, a PlayStation or an Xbox.

More recently, Naughty Dog co-founder Jason Rubin (who went on to steer THQ as it went down in flames) has said that “Nintendo is irrelevant as a hardware manufacturer in the console business,” and that “It is a crime that we do not play those games on the systems that we have.”

Do you agree with Rubin? Is there no hope for Nintendo in the videogame hardware space? Would Nintendo do better as a software only company, or is success with the Wii U just around the corner with a better selection of games on the horizon?

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