Sn33ky News: 30 minutes of Dragon Age: Inquisition captured off-screen, new combat and story details revealed

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So here’s something you don’t see everyday (and something we tend not to post everyday)…


While BioWare has certainly made a few details known about the studio’s next massive action RPG, Dragon Age: Inquisition, even going so far as to discuss gameplay experiments and story ideas at various events and expo panels, it’s very rare for the public to see extended slices of a game that is as far off from release as Inquisition is.

Rarer still is that a company the size of BioWare would let bootleg footage of this gameplay remain in the public domain for too long, but this is the case with a new video that has emerged from the recent DigiExpo in Finland.

What you are able to watch in the video below is definitely not the best quality version of the gameplay, and I personally fully expect BioWare to release something similar (and in proper, full quality) in the near future, but what it does do is give us a good idea of the world, combat and current progress of Dragon Age: Inquisition – it’s incredible to watch, even in a pre-alpha state.

Looking forward to Dragon Age: Inquisition? Us too – peer through our current and continued coverage of the game over here for screenshots, more videos and extra details.

(Note: There’s still a chance that BioWare will force the removal of the video above, so get it while it’s hot!)

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