Rayman Legends PS Vita missing content patch still in the works

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Many PS Vita owners were disappointed to discover that the handheld port of Rayman Legends was missing all 28 Invasion levels included in the PC and home console versions. Ubisoft promptly promised to add the missing content via a free patch but two months later we’re still waiting for this update.

I have taken a keen interest in this issue and have contacted Ubisoft via Twitter on multiple occasions to ask where the patch is. To their credit, the publisher’s PR team have always responded by saying that they’ll let me know as soon as the patch is made available, but they’ve never directly confirmed that the update is being actively worked on.

However, our latest exchange (seen below) confirms that the patch is still in the works which is good news for all the people who bought Rayman Legends on PS Vita and fully deserve to enjoy all the content that was created for it.

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