Call of Duty doubles up the Double XP today for Black Ops 2 and Modern Warfare 3

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We understand that there are roughly a few million people around the world who are unbelievably excited for the launch of Call of Duty: Ghosts on November 5th.

It seems as though both Infinity Ward and Treyarch are keenly aware of these high levels of anticipation, too, because the pair recently announced a massive Double XP period for both Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 and Call of Duty: Black Ops 2.


The week-long Double XP event begins today, October 25th, from 10am PST / 6pm BST / 7pm SAST, and ends at the same time on November 1st next week.

“If that alone isn’t incentive enough to polish off those final prestige levels,” reads an official announcement on, “we’re offering exclusive in-game backgrounds in Call of Duty: Ghosts for those that have played the previous two games. You can pick a background to showcase for each of your soldiers, so other players will see your veteran status.”

“There are six backgrounds in total that unlock based on previous accomplishments. Have you played Modern Warfare 3 or Black Ops II multiplayer? That’s two backgrounds. Have you prestiged at least once in Modern Warfare 3 or Black Ops II multiplayer? Another two backgrounds.”

They seem to be really serious about this backgrounds thing, everybody.

For the most dedicated players, however, who have managed to reach their tenth Prestige in Modern Warfare 3 and the max Prestige in Black Ops 2, they’re offering two exclusive backgrounds in Ghosts – take a look at those images over here.

Who amongst you will be taking full advantage of this immense Double XP period in Call of Duty? Good luck on your quest to hit those Prestige levels!

Call of Duty: Ghosts is out on November 5th across Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, PC and Wii U, and will be a Xbox One and PS4 launch title in both the US and Europe.

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