GTA Online: No timeframe for DLC releases, but first $250 000 cash drop due this week

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Ahead of the launch of GTA Online at the beginning of October, Rockstar outlined just some of the downloadable content that players can expect to roll out in the coming weeks and months but stopped short of detailing exactly when we’ll be able to get this content, which includes new heists and game modes.

Writing on the official Rockstar news blog, a representative confirmed that there is no known release timeframe for the DLC at the moment:

“We don’t currently have a timeframe to share, but we do hope to be able to give you release timings for Heists and other free updates soon. Please stay tuned.”

That’s kind of disappointing but given the troubles that GTA Online experienced on launch it follows that Rockstar would want to ensure the game is stable with a stream of patches before adding anything new.

But New Stuff is Coming

Speaking of which, and with regards to the promised injection of GTA bucks this month, Rockstar wrote:

“We’re aiming to make the first deposit of $250,000 in all players accounts early next week once we’ve confirmed that any remaining game progress issues have been fixed for the community in this latest title update. Thanks for understanding and stay tuned to the Newswire for more details.”

Less Cash For Your Time

One last update on the GTA Online front is that Rockstar has begun halving the amount of cash you will receive after replaying missions. The first time you complete a mission in GTA Online, you will receive the full amount of GTA$ but subsequent attempts will only reward you with half of the previous amount. Writing on the forums, Rockstar said:

“This is to keep the game balanced as well as encourage the exploration of new missions and content in the game.

“We understand players do like to enjoy a mission multiple times, so rather than remove the possibility of doing so, we’ve allowed replays of these missions at a reduced payout. Many players can get very good at a mission and beat it much faster in consecutive tries, so we’ve adjusted these payouts to match that case.”

Are you still playing GTA Online, or even the campaign? What will you do with that first instalment of $250 000?

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