Is David Jaffe’s latest game venture a clever marketing ploy, or an ill-advised hoax?

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David Jaffe may best be known for his work on the God of War and Twisted Metal series, and he also often makes videogame news headlines as an outspoken and controversial member of the game development community, but his latest venture seems to be his most mind-bending to date.

Earlier this year, David Jaffe revealed the formation of a new game development studio, The Bartlet Jones Supernatural Detective Agency, a company backed (at least in part) by an 80-year-old ghost hunter and investigator of the paranormal, Bartlet Jones. At least that’s what Jaffe and his team are claiming to be true.


According to Jaffe, the company spends its time working on a new game (said to be inspired by the supernatural) as well as going on expeditions to hunt for ghosts and search out paranormal activity in their local area. Currently, a team of ghost hunters (lead by Bartlet Jones himself) is out in the field in Peru (or somewhere in South America, Jaffe claims).

In the first of what proves to be a series of behind-the-scenes videos introducing us to the studio and individual members of the team, you’ll be able to witness an array of bizarre (and quite frankly disturbing) imagery as we go on a tour of the company’s headquarters in San Diego.

The sensitive and weak of bowel need not watch below:

This Week at Bartlet Jones – Episode #1

What do you think of David Jaffe’s claims? Is Bartlet Jones a real person or is the whole thing a brilliant ploy to drum up attention for Jaffe’s next game? Do you think this kind of creative marketing is a good idea or could it backfire for the Detective Agency?

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