“By the hoary hosts of Hoggoth!” Zen Studios announces Doctor Strange for Marvel Pinball

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The digital pinball masters at Zen Studios will be flexing their creative (and licensing) muscle once again later this year after its stint on Star Wars, because Marvel Pinball fans will see the release of the Doctor Strange table in December.


“The greatest powers of the occult, both from our own world and the darkest dimensions in existence, are combining their forces to take over Earth,” writes Zen. “And only one man can stop them – Doctor Strange, the Sorcerer Supreme! With the help of the beautiful Clea and his faithful servant Wong, the Master of the Mystic Arts faces his greatest challenge ever in Doctor Strange pinball, the newest addition to the Marvel Pinball library.”

Sounds wonderfully camp, and of course Doctor Strange’s rival sorcerer, Baron Mordo, will be doing his utmost to thwart players’ efforts by calling upon “the demonic forces of the Dread Dormammu and the Fear Lord, Nightmare.” Shuma-Gorath, the Lord of Chaos, has machinations of his own, too…

You can see snippets of gameplay from this amazing sounding table in the debut trailer:

Marvel Pinball – Doctor Strange

The Doctor Strange table for Marvel Pinball is due out in December 2013 across platforms including Xbox LIVE Arcade, Steam, PlayStation Network, iOS, Google Play, Windows 8, OSX, Kindle Fire and the Wii U eShop… phew! We got through the list without breaking a sweat. For now, look over the debut screenshots below:

Marvel Pinball – Doctor Strange Screenshots

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Thanks to John Tidwell for the news tip!

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