This is rAge 2013: Day Zero – Hardcore NAG LAN attendees queue overnight

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In the countdown to the beginning of rAge 2013 this week, we’ve been taking a few quick looks back at rAge 2012 with photos and videos from last year’s event, but now it’s time to look ahead to the latest and great edition of the show… and to prepare ourselves for the three days of madness to come.

Day Zero, the final day of preparation for rAge 2013, has come and gone and inside the Coca-Cola Dome in Johannesburg South African videogame and accessory distributors and retailers are still scrambling to get their stands ready for the tens of thousands of people who will make their way to the event this weekend.

Outside of the Dome, however, we found a few dozen individuals who are arguably more excited about rAge 2013 and the annual Bring Your Own Computer NAG LAN than anybody else on the planet, showing their dedication by queuing up for the event a full day before it even begins!

Some NAG LAN attendees began lining up outside the Dome at about 6am on October 3rd – doors only open at 7am on October 4th.


Speaking with the fellows pictured above, we were told that the entry line for the NAG LAN can grow to be a couple hundred meters long and even though every LAN gamer already has a bought and paid for ticket, it’s good practice to show up early in order to be let in as soon as possible.

For these gamers, there will be no sleep and very little protection from the elements overnight, but with plans to set up braais and maybe take respite in the safety of their cars parked a few footsteps away, they plan to make the most of it.

Then, the real challenge begins: The three-day long NAG LAN where sleep and hygiene will be in even shorter supply. We wish them good luck.

rAge 2013: Day Zero – Empty Queues at the Coca-Cola Dome

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rAge 2013 begins at 10am on October 4th at the Coca-Cola Dome in Johannesburg, and Afrihost and El33tonline will be there with fun and prizes ready and waiting just for you (and the 30 000 other visitors!)

Will you be going to rAge 2013 this week?

Be sure to stop by the Afrihost and El33tonline stand and say hi! If you won’t be at rAge 2013, we’ve got you covered with our dedicated event page where we’ll be posting photos, videos and impressions from the showfloor every day so stay tuned there.

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