Failure to Launch: GTA Online experiencing server connection issues

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We were all immensely excited at the prospect of hopping into the multiplayer version of Grand Theft Auto V’s Los Sontos in GTA Online today, and after the promised title update arrived on Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3, and was downloaded to grant us access, the game then gives players the option of heading straight into the online world instead of loading up the story.

Grandma, is That You?

Currently, GTA Online’s character creator works just fine, and even if it is a little peculiar, it allows you to customise your look by choosing how closely you resemble a set of selected grandparents, and then decide on your gender, age and accessories like a hat and glasses. There’s also the the option to assign points to different lifestyle attributes, like time spent on legal and illegal work, how many hours you dedicate to partying or working out, and if you spend time with your family or slumped on the couch.

Interestingly, the game makes some assumptions about your hobbies that are reflected in the way you look – dedicate more hours to legal work and you’ll appear more professional with a business suit, for example. Spend more time doing illegal work and you’ll get a few bruises, cuts and black eyes.

Failure to Launch

After I had customised my in-game character (a business-looking gentleman with dark glasses and a dapper trelby hat), I took the plunge and attempted to get into GTA Online… only to be thwarted by a ‘Failed to Host a GTA Online Session’ message.

After trying a few more times, here I am, and at time of writing GTA Online is still not accessible, instead kicking you back into the singleplayer game. What’s exciting, however, is that the transition from campaign to multiplayer will be as seamless as promised, simply by holding down on the d-pad to choose your character, and then selecting the fourth option at the bottom of the wheel.

Well, in theory anyway. At the moment, ‘practice’ doesn’t work.

Rockstar Games did warn that there would be problems during launch week for GTA Online, but I just hope they’re sorted out as soon as possible.

Have you been able to get into GTA Online yet? What about the character creator – what does your creation look like?

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