Treyarch “done for a while” on Black Ops 2, but community events still planned

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It’s now known that Apocalypse, the latest downloadable content for Call of Duty: Black Ops 2, is also the last set of new maps that Treyarch will be introducing to its multiplayer fans still playing 2012’s entry to the Call of Duty franchise.

In a new community update video studio head Mark Lamia has additionally revealed that the developer will be “done for a while on Black Ops 2” once Apocalypse is made available for PlayStation 3 and PC gamers, but despite this there are still a few community events on the way from now and over the week of September 26th.

The events begin with the latest Double XP Weekend for Black Ops 2, but find out about free trials of DLC, a new Double Weapon XP weekend, community game nights and more in the video below:

Call of Duty: Black Ops 2 – Treyarch Community Update Video

Interesting how Mark Lamia put an emphasise on the the word ‘two’ when talking about Black Ops 2, as if to infer there is a Black Ops 3 lurking about… or is that just our active imagination running wild?

Do you hope Treyarch continues to work on Black Ops 2 patches and fixes for the foreseeable future? Would you welcome the return of Black Ops for a third outing?

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