12 minutes of Metal Gear Solid V running on PS4 fresh from TGS

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One of the highlights of the Tokyo Game Show so far has been Hideo Kojima’s gameplay demonstration of Metal Gear Solid V running on PS4. While we can’t understand what’s being said during the presentation nor see the game running at 60fps due to YouTube’s frame rate limit, we can still enjoy watching 12 minutes of gameplay footage set against the backdrop of the US Naval Prison Facility in Cuba.

With Metal Gear Solid V being an open-world game, you can set waypoints and shine searchlights in any direction to light up a particular spot in the environment. However lots of Snake’s actions are familiar from Metal Gear Solid 4, such as being able to hold up guards and interrogate them at knifepoint. Snake can now pick locks although it doesn’t seem like there’s any mini-game attached to the action at this point.

Here’s Metal Gear Solid V’s TGS gameplay demonstration in full:

Metal Gear Solid V is still without a release window but we at least know that the game’s target formats are PS3, Xbox 360, PS4 and Xbox One. Head over here for El33tonline’s previous coverage of this open-world stealth action game helmed by industry veteran Hideo Kojima.

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