gamescom 2013 Sights and Sounds: 2K Games booth tour and massive crowds

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If you’ve never been to gamescom, and you think you’ve already participated in a huge giveaway at a festival or gaming event by joining a throng of people all jockeying for a height advantage as gifts and goodies are thrown into a sea of hands, then you haven’t experienced the full effect of a freebie mob.

Just as we were walking by 2K Games’ enormous booth at gamescom this year, we witnessed just one of many such crowds build as if from nowhere before disappearing in seconds without a trace, except for the mounds of paper and rubbish left in the wake of the horde.

You can see the end results of just such a swarm of people in our 2K Games booth tour below, and catch the beginning, and ending, of the giveaway (which turned out to be one of the more tame events during gamescom 2013 week):

gamescom 2013 Photos: 2K Games Booth Tour

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gamescom 2013 Video: 2K Games Booth Tour

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