MS Points Are No More: Latest Xbox 360 system update makes important changes

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The change has been coming for a while, but Microsoft has today confirmed that the era of its online currency for Xbox LIVE has come to a close.

With the release of the latest Xbox 360 and LIVE system update, MS Points have been phased out in favour of real world currencies, meaning that instead of purchasing MS Points to conduct transactions for downloadable content and games, you’ll simply be able to use your local currency to purchase new Xbox LIVE content.

If you’re in one of the 41 supported countries (get the full list over here), you’ll be able to immediately begin buying Xbox LIVE content using your local currency, and any MS Points you previously had associated with your account with be automatically converted to real world currency.

That’s the gist of the conversion from MS Points to local currencies, but if you have any further concerns or questions you can look over the recently released FAQ for more answers.

Have you updated your Xbox 360 yet and made a purchase online? How is the system working for you so far?

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