Titanfall includes South African voice acting, amongst other nationalities

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El33online just wrapped up an interview with Titanfall producer Drew McCoy, who spoke to us on a range of topics including surprises during playtesting, his favourite moments and why he’s confident that the game will continue to surprise and delight players for months to come, past the initial shock and awe of the action.


As our chat finished up, McCoy heard that El33tonline is from South Africa and casually mentioned that one of the voice actors contributing his voice to Titanfall is South African – neat!

I asked if the team was including voices and accents from other nationalities in the game, to which he replied “We’re trying to.” The reasoning, he says, is to try to make other players comfortable and not alienate them with strictly voices by white American males. Makes sense.

Just a single snippet from El33tonline’s full interview with Drew McCoy, which you can read soon, but for now keep up with our on-going gamescom 2013 coverage now and over the next few weeks at our dedicated landing page over here.

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