The Sims 4 revealed with new gameplay trailer and screens

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Read El33tonline’s The Sims 4 hands-on preview to find out about the amazing additions, tweaks and features the developers are bringing to 2014’s Sims experience.

EA announced the first details for The Sims 4 during the publisher’s gamescom press conference yesterday.

The Sims 4 promises players will be able to experience the game in a new way thanks to new emotion, new tools and new Sims when it launches for PC in 2014.

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The game is built on a new technology platform called SmartSim and will empower players to “create and control an entirely new generation of Sims” that are more intelligent, emotionally rich and relatable.

According to EA, powerful new creative tools and dynamic, emotion-rich gameplay will mean that “every relationship is interwoven to create a ripple effect that shapes the life journey of the Sims. Every action of the Sims is now informed and affected by interactions and emotional states.”

You can watch the world debut gameplay trailer for The Sims 4 below:

Sims will be emotionally aware for the first time, capable of experiencing different emotions that will directly impact on the game. The choices that players make will influence the gameplay, even in the future. Sims will also be more intelligent and more unique, meaning they will behave and react more naturally. The Create A Sim will allow players to shape their Sims and their houses, while you can drag and drop rooms with the new Build Mode.

Pre-orders for the game are now open, and the Limited Edition (with Life of the Party Digital Content) is available to those who pre-order. European gamers can also pre-order The Sims 4 Collector’s Edition, which includes an interactive Plumbob Statue, the Creator’s Guide Hardcover Book, Life of the Party Digital Content, Up all Night Digital Content and game’s Digital Soundtrack.

Browse through the new gallery for The Sims 4 below:

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“Over 10 years ago, we created a genre, now we’re taking our most revolutionary step forward by focusing on the heart of the franchise, the Sims themselves,” said Rachel Franklin, VP and Executive Producer for The Sims 4.

“The magic of The Sims has always come from the combination of the player’s creativity and the Sims’ free will, and in The Sims 4 we’re taking this further by unlocking more possibilities and deeper gameplay opportunities. The Sims 4 is the bold leap for the franchise where each Sim now has a rich emotional center that drives meaningful social interactions. Your ability to affect the mind, body and heart of these new Sims brings your stories to life in a way that is more personal than ever before.”

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