Cliff Bleszinski releases a screenshot of “something I’m working on”

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We all know by now that Cliff Bleszinski (Gears of War) has placed himself into a temporary state of happy retirement in order to take a break from the videogame industry after many years creating blockbuster hits in the Gears of War series and helping propel Epic Games to super stardom with Unreal and, in the early days, Jazz Jackrabbit.

But what’s he up to these days, other than travelling around the US and actually getting down to play some games?

Well, we also know that Bleszinski continues to have an eye on the future of games, not only because of his blog entries but because he was at E3 in June taking meetings with prospective partners. Today, he’s released what appears to be an in-game screenshot, or high quality concept art, of something that he says he’s working on, writing:

“Here’s a sneak peek at something I’m working on that has been cropped.”

Here’s the image:


Whatever could this image allude to? We’re hoping we’ll find out really, really soon.