Introducing the Humble Deep Silver Bundle!

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Is there no limit to the goodness that is Humble Bundle? This time around, Humble Bundle is bringing us great value goodness in the form of the Humble Deep Silver Bundle, complete with six fantastic games, DLC and soundtracks!

Some of us are probably still recovering from the first major publisher Humble Bundle from THQ but there’s no time to waste – Deep Silver has joined in on the pay-what-you-want-while-supporting-charity initiative and there’s only a limited time (two weeks) before this special deal vanishes into the aether forever!

Featured in the Humble Deep Silver Bundle (for whatever price you want to pay, although $1.00 is required to secure the Steam keys and since this is a Windows-only bundle, it is kind of necessary to get the Steam keys, you know?) are Saints Row: The Third, Saints Row 2, Risen 2: Dark Waters and Sacred 2: Gold Edition. If you beat the average (just shy of $5 although I honestly don’t know how they figure out what the average is or should be since it never seems to change) then you also get Dead Island: Game of the Year Edition and Saints Row: The Third – The Full Package. But wait! It doesn’t stop there! If you chuck in $25 or more, you’ll also get Dead Island: Riptide! That’s a whopping value of over $190 for everything – and you can get most of it for a mere $1 (not that we encourage such thriftiness but in today’s climate, something is better than nothing, right?).

The charities supported in this endeavour (if you choose to support them) will be American Red Cross and/or Child’s Play Charity. Child’s Play charity focuses on donating toys, books and games to hospitals worldwide to improve the lives of sick children while the American Red Cross is a humanitarian organisation that provides emergency assistance, disaster relief and education inside the United States.

Humble Bundle continues to spawn amazing deals for gamers while also supporting the humble indie developers that need a dollar for beer. To date, the Humble Bundle initiative has raised more than $33.2 million and spawned smaller bundle deals from Indie Gala and Indie Royale (amongst others). Consider that every one of us has enough money to afford a luxury gaming platform and the internet, we gamers certainly have a lot to be thankful for and since we often throw so much of our cash away into games we’ll never get around to playing, how about buying with a conscience this time around and giving support where it’s really needed – if you’re going to backlog some games then why not backlog some games in the knowledge that the Red Cross and Child’s Play are going to benefit from your spend?

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