Brink’s Splash Damage developing multiplayer for Batman: Arkham Origins – debut trailer inside

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Previous entries to the Batman ‘Arkhamverse’ series of action games have been decidedly solo adventures as you play as The Batman while taking down thugs and ruining the plans of a host of supervillains. Extra challenge modes may have let you see you new stories and put your combat skills to the test, but there’s never been a true multiplayer mode for this offshoot of the universe… until now.


2013’s Batman: Arkham Origins will feature an online multiplayer mode to let you play with and against friends as you take on the role of Batman or Robin while fighting against a ‘Super-Villain Elite’ working with The Joker or Bane. The chance to call in reinforcements by playing as The Joker or Bane themselves will also be available. Developed by Splash Damage (Enemy Territory: Quake Wars, Brink), there’s at least hope that a good, solid online mode is on the cards.

In a game of Arkham Origins multiplayer, players will fill out three teams, or factions, comprising three of Bane’s thugs, three of Joker’s goons, and a third group represented by Batman and Robin. While villains aligned with Bane and The Joker scrap it out with traditional third-person shooter combat while progressing through sections of a level, players taking on the roles of Batman and Robin will need to stay out of sight and harm by using tactics seen in singleplayer portions of Arkham Asylum and Arkham City, that is, avoiding direct conflict where possible and scaring enemies by taking them out up high and in the shadows, building up fear and intimidation in the other two factions as the match goes on.

Watch the debut trailer for Batman: Arkham Origins Online below:

Batman: Arkham Origins – Multiplayer Trailer

Batman: Arkham Origins is out on PlayStation 3, Xbox 360, and Wii U on October 25th around the world, with Batman: Arkham Origins – Blackgate out on 3DS and PS Vita to provide more of a side-scrolling action adventure experience.

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