South African prices for PlayStation 4 and Xbox One are not yet official, say local distributors

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Word has been going around today regarding supposedly ‘official’ price points for both the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One in South Africa, putting these next generation consoles at R5999 and R7100 respectively.


El33tonline has contacted Ster Kinekor (distributor of PlayStation products in South Africa) and Xbox South Africa for comment, and both sources have confirmed that these prices aren’t not official, asking instead that consumers in the country wait for this information to be formally announced.

Xbox South Africa PR manager Graeme Selvan wrote in a statement to El33tonline:

“The South African price point and release date for the Xbox One has not been confirmed as of yet. Furthermore, the price point featured on AWX was a placeholder for the product, it has not come down from Xbox South Africa. We will release relevant pricing and release dates when we have them.”

Bernice Montague of Ster Kinekor, meanwhile, told us:

“SKE has not received a confirmed release date nor confirmed price point at this stage.”

We’ll let you know when price and release dates for Xbox One and PlayStation 4 are officially announced for South Africa.

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