This Saints Row IV weapon lets you call in aliens to abduct enemies… and other things

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You may have thought that Volition had broken the mould when the developer introduced the ‘Dubstep Gun’ of Saints Row IV, a weapon that forces enemies in your radius to begin relentlessly dancing. Maybe a little ‘inspired’ by a similar Ratchet & Clank gun, but did you know that the Dubstep Gun has to start up like a chaingun to reach ‘The Drop’ at firing speed?

Pretty hilarious, but publisher Deep Silver has today released a trailer showcasing another weapon that’s just as zany, and maybe more useful: An abduction gun.

Once you aim and hit the trigger, an unseen alien force will beam your target into outer space! While the trailer only demonstrates a truck being removed, the applications for enemies are just as limitless – watch below:

Saints Row IV: Weapon of Mass Abduction

Saints Row IV is out on August 20th in North America, and August 23rd in Europe and the UK – check El33tonline’s previous and continued coverage of the off-the-wall open-world action game for more details.

You can see the game’s previous trailer in this ‘Hail to the Chief’ series below, showcasing a massive stomp entrance attack:

Saints Row IV – Hail to the Chief #2: Animal Protection Act


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