What does Sony have planned for gamescom 2013? “So many cool things,” apparently

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Sony’s presence at E3 2013 was barnstorming, swiftly cutting to the heart of its audience with an outstanding line-up of games, the unveiling of the PlayStation 4’s corporeal form, and exciting announcements that aim to put gamers first. Surely there’s not a whole lot more the company can do to entice us towards the PlayStation Side after E3 this year?

It seems as though Sony still has more to come, however, as Tony Clark of Sony Computer Entertainment Europe promises that there are still “many cool things” to talk about at gamescom 2013 next month in Cologne, Germany. Clark recently tweeted:

Gamescom. Coming soon. So many cool things to tell the world. #ps4 #psvita #gc2013

— Tony Clark (@AntonyaClark) July 16, 2013

Those hashtags allude to these talking points coming to light during gamescom 2013, with news of some kind for PS Vita and PlayStation 4… what could they be?

What do you want Sony to talk about during gamescom this year? The PlayStation 4’s launch date and more new games? Different features? What else can the company do to ensure you buy a PS4 at launch this year?

gamescom, the world’s larger videogame event of the year, once again takes place in Cologne, Germany, this time from August 21st through to the 25th.

El33tonline will be there bringing you our impressions of the show and its games, with a bevy of videos and photos straight from the floor to your eyeballs. Be sure to keep it tuned to before, during and after the extravaganza!

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