To Be, Or Not to Be, Excited: Ubisoft teases Prince of Persia news next week

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Am I setting myself up for disappointment again? Should I or should I not start getting excited about some news related to Prince of Persia next week?


After teases related to a ‘new’ Deus Ex and a new rally racer from Codemasters recently, which both turned out to be iOS games and not fully fledged console entries to the series, I’m a little gun shy about getting my hopes up when publishers announce upcoming reveals, but the official Prince of Persia Facebook account just posted something interesting, writing:

“Get ready for some news about Prince of Persia, starting next week…”

What could this be? A brand new Prince of Persia game for consoles? Maybe something deliciously next generation? Or is it something related to a handheld iteration of the series, like on iPhone or iPad?

Hopefully Ubisoft doesn’t follow the recent trend of getting our (READ: My) hopes up and delivers something truly exciting, although with two new intellectual property announcements at E3 (The Division and The Crew), as well as Watch Dogs, Rayman Legends and Assassin’s Creed IV: Black Flag all due this year, the publisher doesn’t really need to drum up much more excitement in the industry for the foreseeable future.

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