New video explores how Frostbite 3 brings Battlefield 4’s world to life

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If you’re looking forward to Battlefield 4’s release later this year then you’ll undoubtedly want to watch a new video from DICE exploring how the Swedish developer’s new engine Frostbite 3 will create a visual and gameplay experience which raises the bar in terms of graphical fidelity, environmental destruction and character believability.

According to DICE, Frostbite 3 has been in development since 2006 and is notable for the way in which the game engine controls the ‘forces of nature’ – from swaying trees to the passing clouds overhead to the motion of the waves. The engine is also sure to impress during Battlefield 4’s multiplayer mode where “levolution” will change the flow of matches as entire buildings are levelled and maps dynamically change as Frostbite 3’s physics features come to the fore.

Here’s the video:

Apart from Battlefield 4, Frostbite 3 is also the engine of choice for a number of upcoming EA games including Need for Speed: Rivals, Dragon Age: Inquisition and Star Wars: Battlefront.

Battlefield 4 will be released for PC, Xbox 360 and PS3 on October 29th in the US and November 1st in European territories, with Xbox One and PS4 getting the game later in the year. Be sure to check out El33tonline’s previous coverage of Battlefield 4 as well as our hands-on preview of the game from our time at E3 2013.

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