Is this what awesome looks like? Deadpool launch trailer drops the beat, brings the madness

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Deadpool: The Game Banner Logo

Dubstep? Explosions and mayhem? 8-bit games and 2D platforming? Rainbows and leaping tigers?

This and so much more forms what Activision and developer High Moon Studios call the launch trailer for the pair’s third-person action game, Deadpool, but it plays out more like a peek into the gaping maw of ultimate insanity.

Deadpool himself couldn’t have created a more schizophrenic video, so hold onto your mind and enjoy below:

(Warning: We can’t be held responsible for your mental stability, or lack thereof, as a result of harmful exposure to this Deadpool launch trailer)

Deadpool Gameplay Launch Trailer

As you may have guessed, Deadpool (The Videogame) is out now in North America and is due for release around the rest of the world later this week across Xbox 360,  PlayStation 3 and PC.

Will you be trying to take control of Deadpool this week?

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