Daniel Matros excitedly demos the new Spectator Mode in Battlefield 4

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One of South Africa’s favourite game development personalities, Daniel Matros from DICE in Sweden, was at E3 2013 to bring the team’s next big shooter to the world. For most of E3, Matros must have been entrenched in the enormous EA booth as players took to the 64-person arena to get their first hands-on time with Battlefield 4 multiplayer and see the series’ new features.


One of the neat features of Battlefield 4 multiplayer is the Spectator Mode, which allows players to essentially watch the action of a given online match either through the eyes of a chosen player, or over their shoulder in a third-person view. While watching, spectators will be privy to that players’ current equipment setup, ammo count, weapon modifications and stats, while also being able to keep an eye on the rest of the game by bringing up live scoreboard.

Matros also points out that there are five different free camera views to give spectators a much better view of the action from key points on the map, and flying overheard.

Watch below to see the action unfold completely in Spectator Mode in Battlefield 4 and hear Daniel Matros wax lyrical about this new feature:

Battlefield 4 This video is unlisted. Only those with the link can see it. Spectator Mode Preview

Battlefield 4 is out on October 29th in the US and November 1st in Europe and the UK. Catch up with the game via El33tonline’s previous coverage and be sure to read our hands-on preview of the game from our time at E3 2013.

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