Disney unites Sony, Microsoft and Nintendo for Disney Infinity

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Disney Interactive’s upcoming toy-based action and creation game, Disney Infinity, looks to be an enormous creative undertaking not only allowing players the chance to explore the characters and worlds of their favourite Disney stories, but also create and share their own worlds with their friends.

During a demonstration of Disney Infinity at E3 2013, Peter learned of the lengths to which Disney Interactive has gone in order to ensure the process of sharing your creations with the world no matter what platform you’re playing on, be it Wii, Wii U or 3DS, PlayStation 3, PC or Xbox 360. To this end, Disney had to get simultaneous co-operation from platform holders Nintendo, Sony and Microsoft.

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In Peter’s preview of Disney Infinity, he wrote that the team’s John Vignocchi was “very proud” to reveal the work that went into the share feature:

“This took a lot of work to get right, both technically and in convincing all stakeholders to agree to it,” writes Peter. “John indicated that they had to get all three of the platform holders in the same room at the same time to sign off on the capability.”

To keep Disney Infinity in line with its family friendly appeal, all content will be moderated for suitability by the team at Disney, too, much like Nintendo has done in the past with its own endeavours.

Don’t miss Peter’s excellent Disney Infinity preview to learn more about the challenges that Disney Interactive encountered while working on the game, including getting the right coloured rings for Pirates of the Caribbean character Jack Sparrow at the behest of actor Johnny Depp!

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