Warren Spector pays his respects to Wolfenstein at E3 2013

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The annual Electronic Entertainment Expo in Los Angeles is primarily known as a time when game developers and publishers put on a three day showcase of their upcoming videogames to let retail buyers, distributors, journalists and certain members of the public see what exciting electronic entertainments are on the way in the future.

It’s also a time of miracles and gestures of good will.

E3 2013

During my time at the Bethesda booth on the third and final day of E3 2013, June 13th, I had the opportunity to play the personality-rich first-person shooter, Wolfenstein: The New Order, currently in the works at Machine Games and slated for release later in 2013. While playing the game, I just so happened to see something magical happen, but first some history…

On the announcement of this new Wolfenstein game, game industry legend Warren Spector (Deus Ex, Disney Epic  Mickey) took to his public Facebook page to let the world know of his displeasure over the idea of such a game, writing:

“Did the world really need another Wolfenstein game? Did we need a generically dark, monochromatic, FPS, kill-the-Nazi-giant-robot game?

“Uh. No. The world did not. I am so tired of stuff like this…”


The outcry over Spector’s comments drew an apology out of the luminary and he once again posted on his Facebook account to offer the impetus behind his original remarks:

“I’M SORRY. I owe the Wolfenstein team an apology. I wasn’t trying to diss you or your game. I have total respect for anyone making a game. I know how hard it is… And to everyone who pointed out that I didn’t know enough about the game to judge, well, you were right. Consider this my mea culpa.”

Spector went on to write how he believes there is a lack of variety in the games industry today and that “too many shooters” are made these days, “lots of which look, sound and feel like basically the same game dressed up in different clothes.” This is a drum Spector has been banging for a long time, and unfortunately Wolfenstein got caught in the line of fire with his latest message on the subject.


As I was playing Wolfenstein at E3 2013 today, I noticed out of the corner of my eye that none other than Warren Spector had walked into the room, flanked by Bethesda and Machine Games developers, who lined up in front of the Wolfenstein artwork on the wall to take a photo together – a lovely gesture and, as Spector himself exclaimed as the photos were being taken, it was “classic.”

I paused my game to take a photo of the gathering, too:



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