Microsoft confirms key details about Xbox One’s used games policy, DRM

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Microsoft recently released more Xbox One details relating to digital licensing, connectivity, and privacy. These points help to clarify some of the areas which were still murky after the console was unveiled on May 21st.

Here’s a breakdown of the latest revelations:


– You will need to connect to the internet once every 24 hours on your primary Xbox One to be able to play your games, and once every hour on a secondary Xbox One such as a friend’s console.

Digital Licensing

– All retail Xbox One games will also be available as a digital download on their day of release.

– You can access the games tied to your Xbox LIVE account on any Xbox One console, and up to ten family members can access a shared games library on any Xbox One.

– The games on your Xbox One console can be played by anyone with access to your system.

– Publishers can make it possible for you to ‘gift’ a game tied to your account to a friend. The only restrictions are that a game can only be gifted once and that you need to have been Xbox LIVE friends for more than 30 days.

– Publishers may allow you to trade in your disc-based games at participating retailers. Loaning or renting games won’t be available at launch.


– Kinect will not record or upload your conversations when it is on.

– You can pause Kinect when you’re not using it, and only the command “Xbox off” will register.

– You can control which personal data (heart rate, videos, photos, facial expressions etc.)  is uploaded to a game’s server.

Do you the above points make the Xbox One a more attractive or less desirable purchase for you than it was previously. Let us know in the comments.